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2020 Art For Action

2020 Art For Action

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn how local communities are being impacted by our country’s prescription drug and ...

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She's All That! Conference

Join NCAPDA for our parent workshop offered twice during this conference: Dose of Awareness: What EVERY Parent Needs to Know It’s not ...

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There are a number of ways that parents can both prevent and recognize a problem with prescription drugs.

  • Educate yourselves about prescription drug dangers and share what you learn with your children and other family members.
  • Lock up ALL medications and properly dispose of those that are expired or no longer needed.
  • Always demonstrate responsible use of ALL medications.


Image of students carrying booksKeep yourself and your friends safe from substance abuse of any kind, including prescription drugs:

  • Form friendships with people who aren’t abusing prescription and other drugs (including alcohol).
  • Avoid parties or other social situations where drugs and/or alcohol are likely to be involved.
  • Learn the signs of prescription drug abuse and overdose and what action to take before it’s too late.