Drug Abuse During the Holidays

It is nearing the end of October, meaning the beginning of the holiday season! Halloween parties and events, celebrations with friends, and more time spent with family are the first things that come to mind. But along with all these wonderful aspects of the holidays, we must consider the increased danger of drug abuse in young adults. Why is this such a danger, though?

Coming up most quickly is Halloween. It is a beautiful reason for students to meet with friends, but it also offers an excuse for parties and party culture, where students are surrounded by alcohol and drugs. With drug and alcohol use significantly glorified in pop culture, especially music and party culture, Halloween parties offer students the opportunity to achieve the “buzz” or “high” that seems so desirable. However, this culture, heightened by peer pressure, puts many students at risk every year. Primarily, students run the risk of overdosing from a lack of understanding can lead to the overconsumption of illicit and prescription drugs. This danger is amplified because many students are not entirely aware of the substances they are taking. After all, friends and other students offer them these parties. Therefore, a student could be ingesting drugs much more potent than they are aware of. Finally, the reaction can be fatal when these unknown drugs are taken in combination or with alcohol. This is why, even though drugs may seem like a fun way to celebrate, keeping these facts in mind reminds us that it is not worth the risk. The same should be considered during all parties throughout the year, whether it is a New Year’s party or Halloween.

This time of year can also be incredibly stressful for young adults, exceptionally high school students. For my fellow seniors, this is college application season. For all high schoolers, it is nearing the time for midterms and final exams. For some of us, it means there is more responsibility at home, that we have to meet relatives who aren’t our favorites, or we feel more alone while away from our friends. Regardless of the cause, these stressors are very real, and everyone should look for ways to relieve some stress. The best forms are through exercise, reading, spending time with family, or other healthy, relaxing activity. A method that should not be used, however one that may be tempting, is drug abuse. The effect of drugs can achieve that temporary stress relief, but the long-term harms demonstrate that drug use is not the solution.

The NCAPDA is always here to help, so if you have any questions or advice, do not hesitate to contact us here or on the NCAPDA’s main website. Happy Holidays!


Written by Anika
Last Updated: September 17, 2021

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