The following MEDS Coalitions have been established at the county and local community levels with the mission of preventing prescription drug related overdoses, addiction, crime and other negative impacts through community education and engagement, policy change and other actions.

MEDS Coalitions target youth and adults of all ages in their prevention efforts, as prescription drug abuse/misuse knows no boundaries.  Anyone, regardless of age, ethnic and socio- economic group, can be adversely impacted from prescription drug use, misuse and abuse. MEDS Coalitions are comprised of community stakeholders who work together to reduce those impacts through prevention efforts in their assigned geographical areas.

NCAPDA has worked to establish each of the following coalitions and provides backbone support to ensure they develop into sustainable prevention groups:


Please contact NCPADA at or 925-480-7723 if you are interested in establishing a MEDS Coalition in your county or local community.