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Prevent prescription drug related overdoses, addiction, crime and other negative impacts through community education and engagement, policy change and other actions throughout Walnut Creek, California.

Areas of Focus

  • Prevention through community education throughout Walnut Creek and surrounding areas.
    • Coalition is newly formed and is in the building process. Contact Coalition Chair Nancy Juracka if you would like to learn more and/or join the Coalition.
    • Currently working with interfaith Faith in Action Ministry to built a partnership and to develop presentation opportunities within the faith community in Walnut Creek.

Coalition Chair

Nancy Juracka, Outreach Director, National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse
Contact Info:  nancy_juracka@yahoo.com or 310-722-5425

Meeting Schedule

As the coalition has just recently been formally established and is in the earliest stages of building, a meeting schedule has not yet been established.  The Coalition Chair is working to identify community stakeholders to invite to join the coalition and a meeting schedule will be established once there are enough coalition members to warrant routine meetings.  All Walnut Creek community members and those from surrounding areas are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to join the coalition.

Upcoming Community Activities


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