At NCAPDA, we believe it’s essential to share narratives about the real-life impacts of prescription drug abuse and memories of loved ones who have left us too soon. Here, we share how April Rovero’s family has been profoundly affected by losing their son, Joey Rovero, to prescription drugs.

We invite you to share how prescription drugs have impacted you to help others understand how dangerous they can be. None of us want anything like this to happen to another child or family.

We share these stories to help other families avoid the losses we have experienced.

Please feel free to post as much or little as you like. There is no right or wrong way to do this. We hope that by sharing our stories, our message will disseminate throughout our nation to save our beloved children, students, friends, and neighbors.

Chris’s StoryMy name is Chris. I’m 23 years old and I currently live in Cody, Wyoming. …2013/01/212013-01-21 18:41:42
Collin’s StoryWe lost our 20-year-old son, Collin, to an accidental heroin overdose in March. The police …2012/08/232012-08-23 04:39:43
Angela’s StoryI have taken Vicodin for 20 years for arthritis, two collapsed discs in my back …2011/12/302011-12-30 19:03:35
David Loffert – My StoryAfter completing 4 years at the University of Northern Colorado for my Bachelor of Science …2011/12/112011-12-11 15:46:37
Matthew and Brandon: Two Brothers Not ForgottenThis is a speech that I read when I spoke at a joint legislative research …2011/10/032011-10-03 06:49:18
Brook K.Almost a year and a half ago, right after I graduated High School in a …2011/08/292011-08-29 08:00:00
My Dear BrotherMy poor brother worked for a roofing company and he fell off a roof. He …2011/06/302011-06-30 06:11:27
This Is the Story of My ParentsThis is the story of my parents, my family, and how prescription drugs and doctors …2011/03/152011-03-15 08:00:00
The Progression of My AddictionIt was about 10 years ago when I started taking Percocet for chronic pain. At …2011/01/062011-01-06 06:12:36
Involved Stay At Home MomAs a child, my blond, blue eyed boy was happy, gregarious and the light of …2010/11/152010-11-15 01:53:31
A Mother’s NightmareThe link below will show you some of my story. It tells of my feelings …2010/10/092010-10-09 08:00:00
Julian’s StoryNot all overdoses of prescription drugs are recreational; some are quite intentional. Here’s the story …2010/10/082010-10-08 08:00:00
Warning Signs and Giving BackOur son, was arrested first in 2008 for DWI and a second time in 2009 …2010/08/082010-08-08 16:51:46
Monitor Your Parent’s UsageIt is so heartbreaking when these kids think accessible drugs cannot hurt like the illegal …2010/07/312010-07-31 16:54:45
Guardian AngelOn December 18th 2009, one of my best friends Joseph John Rovero III died from …2010/07/302010-07-30 02:05:42
My Oxy storyI had a back injury that led to removal of 2 discs and fusion. Before …2010/07/252010-07-25 22:09:17
From where I began…and with where I am now in my lifeMy story resembles one of ‘Michael Jackson’…With ‘similarities’, yet ‘differences’… It began approximately ’16’ years …2010/07/252010-07-25 21:51:51
Joey RoveroOn March 9, 1988, a very special child was born to the Rovero family. Initially, …2010/05/282010-05-28 22:21:36

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