Education is a powerful tool to avoid getting caught up in using harmful substances, including prescription drugs.

In this page, you can find information to  protect yourself and your friends from possible prescription drug-related substance use disorder and overdose death.

Protect Yourself and Your Friends!

  • Don’t assume that prescription drugs aren’t as dangerous as illegal drugs – they are!
  • Taking a friend’s ADHD medication like Adderall or Ritalin can cause serious health issues, including a heart attack.
  • Avoid drug reactions and overdose – take medications exactly as instructed.
  • Seek help from a trusted adult if you’re concerned about a friend’s abuse of prescription drugs or other drugs.
  • Avoid social situations where drugs may be used and in which others could pressure you to abuse them.
  • Mixing prescription drugs, even with over-the-counter medications, can be deadly, especially when combined with alcohol.
  • Know the signs of overdose and call 911 immediately if there is any sign of trouble. Remember, true friends take action!


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Concerned about yourself or a friend’s substance abuse? 

Anonymous 24/7 Hotline:  1-800-274-TALK

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