Key Points

Here are some key points to keep in mind about the dangers of prescription drug abuse (PDA). 

  • Prescription drugs were involved in over 34,000 deaths in 2004.
  • Prescription drugs have been created to help people with specific medical conditions.  It’s very important that a doctor properly prescribe medications based on family and medical history in addition to a complete analysis of the patient’s current medical condition.
  • When prescription drugs are abused, the results can be fatal from just one “try”.
  • Prescription medications are easily accessible in most towns/cities.  They are perceived as safe when compared with street drugs, but they can be just as deadly as illicit drugs.
  • Taking a mixture of different prescription drugs, with or without alcohol, can produce an accelerated and multiplied effect, possibly leading to death.
  • There’s no way to know ahead of time how your body will react to the substances you take, so only take them as directed and only if they have been prescribed for YOU, not your friend.
  • PDA is a life changing activity – arrest, jail time, injury, extended rehabilitation, loss of certain career options, legal fees, rehab fees, loss of friends, health effects, death, devastating impact on those around you  – friends and family.
  • Just because a pill was originally prescribed by a doctor (for someone else) and that pill was manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, doesn’t mean that that same pill can’t kill you the first time – it happens all of the time with prescription drug abuse.
  • In Florida today , on average, 15 people die every day from PD abuse
  • PDA can ruin your chance of getting into the college you’ve been dreaming about, or landing the perfect job.
  • Abusing painkillers is like abusing heroin because their ingredients are similar (both are opiates).12.    Many pills look the same and teenagers may get them mixed up. This can cause different reactions in different people due to the body’s chemistry. It is extremely dangerous to take pills that are unknown.
  • Mixing drugs with other substances is very dangerous. Some people have allergic reactions to different chemicals when they are mixed together.
  • Taking drugs without a prescription — or sharing a prescription drug with friends — is actually breaking the law.
  • Determine in advance, right now, that you will not start down the path of prescription drug abuse due to the extreme dangers, and then stay out of, or get away from situations where the potential exists.
  • If you think you, a loved one, or friend may need help – make it a personal goal to talk to one of the following organizations annymously within the next 24 hours:
  • a.  National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI):
  • b.   Prescription Drug Abuse:
  • c.   TeensHealth:
  • d.   Discovery Counseling Center:
  • If a friend’s in trouble due to prescription drug abuse, don’t waist time calling for help. Friends don’t let friends die.  I
  • Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions across our entire society, leading to a reported 72 deaths per day, nationally, as of March, 2010.


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