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NCAPDA is aware of other individual organizations throughout the country working at a grassroots level in their communities to build awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. However, we strongly believe that we can be more effective by joining forces and working together to address global issues. We can learn from each other, share information and best practices, and work together to develop professional-quality educational tools. These can be used to send consistent, compelling messages throughout the country about the dangers of prescription drugs.

To that end, one of NCAPDA’s key strategic goals is to serve as the uniting “umbrella” organization that strategically coordinates awareness and legislative campaign activities throughout our country. We invite other organizations involved in building awareness about prescription drug abuse at the grassroots level to contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

NCAPDA is also committed to helping communities build effective prescription drug abuse awareness programs throughout their local educational, medical, and business environments. We are particularly focused on creating educational programs that reach young people in their local schools, colleges, and universities. Following are recommendations for implementing a community-based awareness campaign in your community.

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